Do’s & Don’ts

We all need a go-to when it comes to our homes, and there are things we may not be able to fix on our own, but we can prevent to keep our homes safe, healthy, and operating cost-effectively. If you are a new homeowner or this is your first residential wastewater treatment plant (aerobic treatment system), let us be your resource!

What To Avoid For Your Aerobic Septic System

  • Do not put any of the following items in your plant or sewage system. They will cause severe damage to the plant’s biological process and equipment. 
    • Baby wipes, flushable wipes, plastic, sanitary napkins, scouring pads, condoms, mop strings, disposable diapers, towels, lint, rags, etc. These items will collect in your plant and require more frequent pumping. 
    • Paints, thinner, chemicals, grease, solvents, and sanitizer. These kill the good bacteria in your plant. 
    • Water softener backwash. Route to drainage ditch, storm sewer, or downspout drainage system. 
    • Heavy plumbing cleaners and toilet bowl freshener hang tabs will also kill off the good bacteria in your plant.

How To Keep A Healthy Septic System

  • Know the location of your control panel and check periodically for alarm conditions. 
  • Keep a record of pumping, inspections, and maintenance. 
  • Practice water conservation to reduce the water going into the Jet system. 
  • Learn the location of your Jet system and avoid constructing patios, decks, and paved surfaces over your system. 
  • Divert roof drains and surface water from your Jet system. 
  • Keep sump pump water and house footing drains away from the Jet system. 
  • Reduce heavy water usage by separating dishwashing and laundry from shower time. 
  • If your plant serves a vacation home or a building will not be occupied full time, the plant should be left running during your absence.

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