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Wastewater Treatment Options to Meet Your Needs

Our customers are business owners, entrepreneurs, homeowners, and people with lives to live. The last thing you want to worry about is your home or business’s wastewater system. That’s why we provide scientifically advanced systems to meet your needs. 

Three Compartment Tank

Jet’s residential wastewater treatment plant breaks down waste via a three-compartment tank. 

  • A pre-treatment compartment receives influent where heavy solids settle and form sludge at the bottom of the tank. 
  • The treatment compartment in which wastewater or greywater is thoroughly mixed with oxygen via our 700++ aerator and passed over the living microorganisms located on Jet’s BAT (Biologically Accelerated Treatment) media.
  • The settling compartment in which treated wastewater or greywater then flows. A clear liquid, devoid of color and odor, known as effluent, is then discharged through the baffled outlet.

More Than A Septic System

A Jet home wastewater treatment plant does a whole lot more than the old-fashioned septic tanks of yesterday. Our product can treat 500 to 1,500 gallons of wastewater every day — the size of a small swimming pool or thirty 50 gallon hot-water heaters. 

Advanced Options Beyond A Septic Tank 

Studies show that a Jet home wastewater treatment plant operates up to five times longer than a septic tank.  Our systems do not affect inflow by weekend guests, parties, multiple baths, laundry, and dishwashers all running simultaneously. Our systems are an investment that save money and help protect the environment.

Meeting Your Specific Septic System Needs

We offer a range of options to meet specific site and residency requirements. 

  • Patented Jet AIR-SEAL Diffuser® saves time and money by reducing maintenance costs and improving plant efficiency.
  • Jet’s package commercial wastewater treatment plants offer proven performance from a time-tested extended aeration process.
  • 24/7 technical support with plant start-up and operator training available.
  • Expert plant design and engineering assistance available. Call for a custom quote based on your site-specific requirements.

For more information on our Jet commercial wastewater treatment plants, please contact us at 440-461-2000 or

Residential Products

At Jet, we strive to continually update and produce new top-quality products that will allow our distributors to design, install and service the best products in the industry.


Jet BAT® Media product image

BAT Media

Inside the center Treatment Compartment of every Jet residential plant system is an exclusive, patented Jet BAT® Media, which provides the ideal environment for nature’s own bacteria to thrive and grow.

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700++ Aerator

The flood resistant Jet 700++ Aerator supplies the oxygen and the mixing that supports Jet’s exclusive treatment process, converting the wastewater into colorless, odorless liquids and gases. 

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Drip Line

The dripline consists of nominal sized 1/2” linear low density polyethylene tubing, with turbulent flow drip emitters bonded to the inside wall. Drip line 16mm - 500 ft. coils - 1/2 gph, 1 gph, 1.3 gph

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Tablet Feeders

Jet-Chlor tablet feeders can be used for either chlorination or dechlorination in wastewater and discharge water applications.

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Drip Controllers

The SJE Rhombus IFS Drip Irrigation Control Panel boasts a full array of features along with clearly marked controls.

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UV Disinfection Lamp

Specifically designed to disinfect the effluent from small aerobic treatment plants, the Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit can reduce fecal coliform bacteria levels to well below the most stringent U.S. treatment standards, even when the upstream treatment plant is operating in a mild upset condition.

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A Jet mold is a safe, simple and durable precast form built to last.

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Residential Control Panels

The control panel is the automated command center for the Jet Residential Wastewater treatment system.

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Disinfection Systems

Jet provides several options for all your wastewater disinfection needs. 

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