Accu-Tab Chlorine Wastewater Tablets

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PPG Industries is a leading manufacturer of cal-hypo wastewater treatment tablets for private label distributors. Thanks to advanced release technology, PPG now offers the next generation of aerobic wastewater tablets under its own Accu-Tab® brand. Unlike other tablets that contain potentially reactive stearates to control erosion, Accu-Tab wastewater tablets are stearate-free. Developed with Hi-Sil H-303 silica, a PPG-engineered, and patent-pending erosion modifier that is safer than stearates, Accu-Tab wastewater tablets allow consistent delivery of chlorine, contain 70% available chlorine and have a smaller diameter to help prevent tablet wicking. Suitable for use in all brands of aerobic wastewater treatment systems. NSF-approved for drinking water. 

PPG has manufactured cal-hypo tablets for a variety of water sanitization applications for more than 20 years. Each application requires specific erosion characteristics and PPG satisfies even the most stringent of requirements—including those of the FDA—by controlling every aspect of production: from selection of prequalified material at PPG’s plant in West Virginia, through blending with Hi-Sil H-303 silica, to pressing tablets to proprietary specifications. When used as directed in any aerobic treatment system, Accu-Tab wastewater tablets effectively kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants. 

Accu-Tab® Tablet Benefits: 

  • Predictable chlorine delivery 
  • For use in all brands of aerobic wastewater treatment systems 
  • Beveled edge design minimizes wicking 
  • Slow dissolve rate 
  • Kills bacteria 
  • No mixing of chemicals or solutions 

Accu-Tab® in 10 lb and 100 lb must ship via freight carrier. 

Accu-Tab® in 27.5 lb and 43.5 lb can ship via ground transportation. 

  • Accu-Tab® Tablets 10 lb... part number 140
  • Accu-Tab® Tablets 45 lb... part number 147
  • Accu-Tab® Tablets 100 lb... part number 143
Accu-Tab Brochure |  Accu-Tab SDS Sheet