Disinfection Systems

  • Residential

Jet Disinfection Systems 

Jet provides several options for all your wastewater disinfection needs. 

  • The UV Disinfection Lamp can reduce fecal coliform bacteria levels well below the most stringent U.S. treatment standards.
  • The Jet Disinfection System is a self-contained, chlorine dispensing system designed specifically for the disinfection of effluent from home wastewater treatment facilities. Easily installed directly in the ground on the discharge line, this tablet feeder uses no electricity and has no moving parts. Chemical dosage is automatically adjusted in proportion to the flow. 

A complete Installation and Operation manual containing detailed instructions is supplied with each Jet Disinfection System. This comprehensive manual contains detailed step-by-step instructions for easy set up, operation, and maintenance. 

The advantages to owning a Home Tablet Feeder: 

  • Low Initial Cost - No need for complicated and expensive pumps, mixing tanks, control devices, electrical wiring, or piping. The feeder is a simple, non-mechanical, gravity-operated device.
  • Low Operating Costs - Uses long lasting, efficient JET-CHLOR® or CHLOR-AWAY® Tablets and does not require electrical power.
  • Warranty - Carries a limited, 10-year warranty against defective materials and workmanship.
  • Efficient - Chemical dosage is automatically varied in proportion to the flow: higher flows expose more tablets to the effluent; lower flows expose fewer tablets.
  • Automatic (Operates Unattended) - Tablet Feeder’s unique design ensures automatic mixing and chemical transfer 24 hours a day after initial adjustments. It can operate for long periods between restocking. For example, some home tablet feeders can operate six months or more without restocking.
  • Years and Years of Repair Free Life - Tablet feeder’s simple, non-mechanical design has no moving parts to wear. Constructed of tough corrosion-proof plastics, feed tubes and caps will not melt in the sun because they are protected by an enclosure with ultra-violet inhibitors.
  • Separate Enclosures NOT Required - The self-contained and totally enclosed tablet feeder does not require a separate manhole, service box, or casing when it is buried. Unique design prevents dirt and water from entering and makes the tubes easy to remove. For deep installation, optional risers used to extend the tablet feeder to grade level are available.
  • Long Lasting Tablets - Efficient, slow dissolving chemical tablets do not “wick” and contain no dangerous gases, liquids or powders.