Commercial Plant Information & Hybrid Light Commercial Plants

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Total Pollution Control for Any Facility Built Beyond Sewer Lines 

Jet’s Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants make it possible for motels, shopping centers, and service stations to be constructed along interstate highways far from any town. Subdivisions can be developed miles beyond sewer lines. Factories can be erected in rural areas. People can live and work in isolated areas such as Guam and Peru as well as in the world’s deserts, deep valleys, and mountain ranges. Ours are time-tested plants that treat wastewater through the performance-proven aerobic digestion process that enables microscopic living organisms to transform wastewater into a clear, odorless liquid. 

Delivering dependable and quality onsite commercial wastewater treatment since 1955 

  • Corrosion-free, reinforced concrete tank for durability 
  • Modular construction supports a broad range of plant sizes and phased developments 
  • A range of options available to meet specific site requirements 
  • 1,500 - 100,000 gpd capacity 
  • Patented Jet AIR-SEAL Diffuser® saves time and money 
  • Proven performance from an Extended Aeration Process 
  • 24/7 technical support; plant start-up and operator training available 
  • Expert plant design and engineering assistance available 
  • Exclusive BIO JET-7® and JET-CHLOR® for environmentally safe odor free discharge 

The Jet Commercial Disinfection system consists of tablet feeders that are self-contained, chlorine dispensing systems designed specifically for the disinfection of effluent from commercial wastewater treatment facilities. 

Three models are available for chlorination of flows up to 100,000 gpd. Easily installed directly in the ground on the discharge line or on the inlet of a chlorine contact chamber, these tablet feeders use no electricity and have no moving parts. Chlorine dosage is automatically adjusted in proportion to the flow. On the larger two models, the weir plates are calibrated in both metric and English and enable the user to determine the flow rate at a glance.

Commercial Control Panels & AIR-SEAL Diffusers®

Every Jet Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant is supplied with a pre-wired electrical control panel that monitors motor and blower operation, flow, chlorination, spray, pumps, and auxiliary equipment. Proven components are simple to maintain, operate, and troubleshoot. Jet fully tests all mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure that all components operate properly.

In our 2000 Series plants, the motor, blowers, and control panel are protected inside a Jet weatherproof fiberglass equipment housing. In Jet Series 3000 plants, a separate weatherproof sheet metal enclosure with an equivalent NEMA 3R rating houses all electrical controls. This enclosure is protected with at least two coats of weather resistant paint. Both 2000 and 3000 Series enclosures are secured with master-keyed padlocks.

Control Panel Options

  • 24-Hour Time Clock
  • Flow Recorder
  • Test Switch
  • 7-Day Time Clock
  • 115 V Receptacle
  • Foam Control/Spray Option
  • Chlorinator Option
  • Comminutor Option
  • Spare Switch
  • Automatic Alternation

The Only Non-Clog Diffuser You Can Buy

The heart of every extended aeration wastewater treatment facility is its air diffusion system. The diffuser introduces the large amounts of oxygen required to meet the demands of the aerobic digestion process. It also mixes that oxygen with activated sludge in the tank to provide complete treatment. However not all diffusers are the same. Some are no more than pieces of pipe with holes drilled to release air. Others use spring-loaded valves. Some are simple porous structures.

No matter what they are made from or how they release oxygen into the plant, they all diffuse air upward -- and that’s why they all quickly clog. During off-cycle periods when air is not being circulated, solids in the aeration chamber settle to the bottom to clog the diffuser opening. The result: air flow is reduced or completely stopped. The plant must be shut down and the diffusion system cleaned.

When you examine the available diffusers, Jet remains the only clog-free diffuser on the market.

Please contact Jet’s Commercial Sales Department for additional information.

Jet Hybrid Light Commercial Plants

The Jet Hybrid Light Commercial Plants are equipped with flow equalization giving them the potential to treat wastewater that is not typical of residential sources. Commonly such applications would otherwise require a commercial treatment systems. The Jet Hybrid Light Commercial Plants combine the benefits of flow equalization and additional pretreatment preceding our field proven BAT Media system designs which are used individually and in parallel to provide multiple flow capacities ranging from 500 to 6,000 GPD. The BOD reduction is based on the modular configuration and the number of BAT systems utilized in the design according to the loading rates specified below:

BOD Reduction in Flow Equalization Tank up to ~ 4.7 Pounds per Day

Maximum BOD loading (per unit):

  • J500 = 1.25 lbs/day
  • J750 = 1.87 lbs/day
  • J1000 = 2.50 lbs/day
  • J1250 = 3.12 lbs/day
  • J1500 = 3.75 lbs/day

Acceptable Applications

  • Office Building
  • Churches
  • Strip Malls
  • Doctor/Dental Office

Unacceptable Applications

  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial