BAT Media

  • Residential

Only our residential wastewater treatment plants employ the remarkably efficient JET BAT® Process (Biologically Accelerated Treatment).

Inside the center Treatment Compartment of every Jet residential plant system is an exclusive, patented Jet BAT® Media, which provides the ideal environment for nature’s own bacteria to thrive and grow. Here, wastewater is thoroughly mixed with the biomass microorganisms that live inside the submerged Jet BAT® Media.

This compartment is referred to as the “bioreactor.” The Jet 700++ Aerator, the heart of the entire system, injects fresh air into the bioreactor, providing the oxygen and mixing required for the exclusive Jet BAT® Process. The biomass of microorganisms digests the wastewater, converting it to odorless, colorless liquids and gases.

Jet Plant Media Kit Configurations

500 GPD Tank

  • 1 Set A

600 or 750 GPD Tank

  • 1 Set B

1,000 GPD Tank

  • 1 Set A
  • 1 Set C

1,250 GPD Tank

  • 1 Set B
  • 1 Set C

1,500 GPD Tank

  • 1 Set B
  • 1 Set D
  • Set A...part number 338
  • Set B...part number 339
  • Set C...part number 337
  • Set D...part number 336