I am getting a sewer odor up through my sewer lines (bathroom/bathtub/sink).

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The first thing you should check are the traps and venting of all the fixtures in the bathroom.  Sewer gas can enter through a loose seal or dry trap.  Run water through all fixtures in the room to ensure there is water in the traps.  If the toilet is loose, or recently replaced, the wax ring may need to be adjusted or replaced to ensure a good seal.  Ensure the sink and tub drains are properly vented to prevent a siphon effect within the traps (mechanical vents can stick).  Also, a blocked vent in the roof of the house can cause pressure to build up forcing the gas into the highest point of the home through otherwise good seals.  

It may be necessary to have a licensed plumber check these items in order to get the smell to go away.

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