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Our Commitment Statement: If you want to experience honest, dependable, responsive, service-oriented wastewater treatment specialists, you want Jet - a company founded on innovation and anchored by service.

Founded in 1955, David S. MacLaren acted on an innovative idea. While working closely with his father, Albert MacLaren, they designed and patented an aerator for family homes that would more effectively treat and dispose of residential wastewater, changing the technology in the wastewater treatment business forever! A close look at our competitors will highlight how much of an innovator we are as most of the competing concrete tanks are modeled after our design, but they can’t copy another Jet innovation, our patented BAT® media. This makes Jet the true pioneer and a leader in onsite wastewater treatment both in residential and commercial settings. Offering a high level of customer service and cutting edge products in an ever changing industry, Jet is the LEADER in wastewater technology. Jet’s representatives design, install and service the best products in the industry!

Contact Us: Looking for more information on wastewater treatment companies in the USA? Please contact us at 440-461-2000 or email@jetincorp.com.

In Memory of Trent Lydic, Treasured Colleague and Friend

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Chemicals, Supplies and Accessories

Chemicals and biological additives such as Accu-Tab Wastewater Tablets and the Bio Jet 7 product line will help keep your system running at peak efficiency. Accessories such as Jet-Chlor tablet dosing devices or the Illumi-Jet ultraviolet disinfection system will help meet the needs of your specific application.